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Two Strays: Episode 1

July 24 2017 | Matt

Two Strays: Episode 1

Follow Glenn and Rusty’s journey starting with their rousing send off, and learn about Rusty’s inspiration to mark out some new territory in his twilight years!

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4 thoughts on “Two Strays: Episode 1”

  1. This sounds amazing. I hope to do this one day. We might cross paths out on the road one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Glenn & Rusty
    I’m sorry I missed saying gidday to you two in the Cairns Holiday Park over the last few days. We were parked nearby and spotted your South Australian rego plates as we are from Clare, escaping the winter.

    I admired your set up and especially liked the look of your LED light strip ( mounted on or imbedded in your awning roller ??? ). I was keen to get some information on that lighting arrangement and thought I’d lost the opportunity.
    However with a quick google on Australian Caravan ( images ) I found a photo of Rusty and then read your story and viewed the you tube video.
    Well done, love your story – enjoy your travels.

    1. Thanks for the message Roger, shame we didn’t get to say hi.
      We are now in Mossman, we may again cross paths 😀
      Glenn and Rusty

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