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Planning an RV holiday for the kids this Xmas?!

November 20 2017 | Jade Walsh

Planning an RV holiday for the kids this Xmas?!

Holidays will be upon us in a few weeks. If you have kids – whether they’re young ‘tin lids’ or older teenagers who may be getter harder to please – here’s some tips to help make it an enjoyable holiday for everyone!

We have found, and hear it so often from our existing customers, that holidays with your family is a great way to reconnect and spend quality time with each other again. There’s nothing quite like being out on the open road with the family, spending time with each other and cruising around at a leisurely pace.

1: Top Tip No.1: Plan your journey

What type of van family holiday are you interested in?

Do you have children? If so, the age of your children might help you decide that one! If you have older children, you may be more interested in off-roading or harder-to-reach places to explore. If you have younger children, you might like to book well-equipped camping holiday parks that have swimming pools and play areas.

Whatever takes your fancy, get the kids involved in researching and planning the holiday. This helps with their excitement and gets them on board for the trip that lays ahead.

How long are you planning to take for your trip?
Regardless of the amount of time you plan on spending on your family holiday in a van, it’s great to know that Australian towns and especially cities, have lots of good playgrounds, parks and local attractions that can help break up a journey. The other great thing about the freedom of travelling in your own van is that you can stop anytime to take a break. If you are cruising along the coastline, you’ll more than likely be able to find a suitable beach to stop at and take a break!

Top Tip No.2: Prepare well

Make a list! Write your list weeks in advance and get yourself ready before your packing frenzy. This will give you plenty of time to revisit the list and allow you to keep updating it. Not only will it make for a much easier time when it comes to packing and getting ready to leave, preparing earlier will also give you time to get your head into holiday mode. An RV holiday should not become a military exercise or a reason to get stressed.

To help you get ready we’ve created a packing list you may find useful. You can download that here.<INSERT LINK TO PACKING LIST>>>

Top Tip No.3: Have some fun!


“Are we having fun yet?” the kids ask. What’s the point in having a holiday if there’s no fun involved!?
Fun can mean different things for different families. Your choice of destinations, the activities you plan to do on the way, meeting up with other travelling families, encouraging spontaneity and the weather all play a part. But it all starts with a decision – choose to have fun!
By the way, if it rains along the way it’s always handy to have some gear like board games, travel games, cards and books packed for the journey.

Top Tip No.4: Consider shorter day trips with longer stops

Some families like to plan each day they’re on holidays. That way it’s easier to make sure everyone gets to do the things they want, and parents can better balance everyone’s expectations. But for those families whose work and school life are highly organised a van holiday is the perfect opportunity to do just the opposite! The secret formula is to not to cram too much into each day you’re away.

When travelling between destinations you’ll find that planning shorter daytime distances mixed in with longer day time stops, will make for more time for special memories to happen naturally. There’ll be days when you’ll need to hit the road early, but if you incorporate less road time it will help create a more relaxed holiday – one that the whole family will remember fondly!

Top Tip No.5: Eat right!

Holidays will definitely increase your family’s appetite for food and snacks! Fresh air, exercise, change of routine and from time-to-time boredom, all play a part. Regardless, be prepared to stock up on healthy holiday snacks and food.
First tip – if you feed your kids junk all holiday you’ll have bad tempered kids and you’ll blow the budget – guaranteed! Having junk food from time to time can be a treat and sampling local delicacies that you’re bound to discover along the way are all worthy items for the family menu. Regardless, make the effort to prepare plenty of interesting, yummy and nutritious food yourself.

Snacks did I hear you say? Any parent worth their salt knows that having an array of popular snacks can be a life saver. Whatever the age of your kids, high sugar content snack foods cost heaps (do the maths) and unless you are prepared to give your kids a sugar rush and be ready with activities to burn it off, you’ll be in for a testing time!
A tip when you’re on the road is to freeze drinks (preferably water). The longer they take to drink, the less toilet stops along the way!
Take advantage of local markets. Fresh is best. The fruit and veg in many regional supermarkets can be tired and old. It won’t taste great or have as much nutrition value. Buy local and there’s more chance the food will be in season, taste yummy and you’ll be supporting the local growers.
Get the entire family involved with meal preparations. Food brings people together. Preparing holiday food with your kids is also a chance to share some valuable life skills which will have benefits for your family’s routine back home, as well for your kids’ adult lives. If you are staying somewhere that allows campfires, what a perfect opportunity to teach your children about cooking over the fire. This is usually one of the highlights for the little and big kids!

Top Tip No. 6: Invite the Neighbours

If you meet other nice families with kids, don’t be shy! Invite them to join you for a shared meal or a day’s activity. One of the great experiences of RV travelling is the fun people you can meet who share your values and interests. You’re bound to expand your horizons, engage your kids and create unexpected memories. Speaking of memories….

Top Tip No.7: Creating memories

Whatever your plans are, your holiday will surely take you on an exceptional journey and you’ll create some wonderful memories to share in years to come. Don’t forget to pack your camera and maybe pack a scrapbook for the kids to collect memorabilia along the way or even a diary for them to journal their journey!

If you’ve got some fresh ideas to help other RV families with kids to get the most from their holidays please feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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